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TEKTAURUS Education was amongst the first Technical training institutes to offer world class professional IT training and placement services in NJ. We are committed to take care of every trainee and create a career path for them. At Tektaurus education , our building blocks has been our excellent Team of employees, instructors and their unparalleled technical expertise and our training curriculum. We have an excellent industry reputation for molding careers by our aggressive training and placement program.

What makes our IT Training Solutions Unique?

TekTaurus Education offers an extensive selection of IT courses such as ERP and ECM based softwares. We offer vendor-authorized training and certifications for top technology providers, such as Microsoft and VMware.

Choosing proper training or certification paths is often difficult, but our Trainees appreciate how easy we make that process through our career counseling program. Tektaurus Education can help align you to appropriate learning solutions based on your career goal.

Our Training Statistics:

Our Training Solutions:

We create solutions that fit your individual / Business needs:

Individual Trainee Solutions: Map our training programs to enhance your IT skills for better salary and Job performance

Business needs Solutions: Solutions to enhance skills of your employees by offering customized training.

Organizational Solutions: We assess your organization’s training needs and offer solutions to meet it.

Room Rentals: We have our high-tech facility available to meet your next training or business meetup

Our Flexible and Efficient Learning Methods

TTE understands that everyone is unique, which is why we've developed innovative learning methods that fit your individual learning style and busy schedule. We have the following methods available to meet your training needs:

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