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What is data science? 

Data science is a field of research that involves extracting insights from large amounts of data through the use of various scientific methods, algorithms and processes. It can help you discover hidden patterns from raw data. The emergence of the term data science is due to the development of mathematical statistics, data analysis and big data. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that allows you to extract knowledge from structured or unstructured data. Data science allows you to transform business problems into research projects and then into actual solutions.

Why choose data science?

This is a significant advantage of using data analysis technology: Data is the oil of today’s world. With the right tools, technologies, and algorithms, we can use data and transform it into unique business advantages Data science can help you detect fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms It can help you prevent any major monetary loss Allows the establishment of intelligence capabilities on the machine You can perform sentiment analysis to evaluate customer brand loyalty It enables you to make decisions faster and better Help you recommend the right products to the right customers to enhance your business

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Data Science Jobs Roles:


Most prominent Data Scientist job titles are:

· Data Scientist

· Data Engineer

· Data Analyst

· Statistician

· Data Architect

· Data Admin

· Business Analyst

· Data/Analytics Manager

Data Scientist:


A Data Scientist is a professional who manages enormous amounts of data to come up with compelling business visions by using various tools, techniques, methodologies, algorithms, etc.

Data Analyst:


A data analyst is responsible for mining vast amounts of data. He or she will look for relationships, patterns, trends in data. Later he or she will deliver compelling reporting and visualization for analyzing the data to take the most viable business decisions.

Data Engineer:


The role of data engineer is of working with large amounts of data. He develops, constructs, tests, and maintains architectures like large scale processing system and databases.



The statistician collects, analyses, understand qualitative and quantitative data by using statistical theories and methods.

Data Administrator:


Data admin should ensure that the database is accessible to all relevant users. He also makes sure that it is performing correctly and is being kept safe from hacking.

Applications of Data science

Tektaurus Education

Internet Search:

Google search use Data science technology to search a specific result within a fraction of a second

Image & Speech Recognition:

Speech recognizes system like Siri, Google assistant, Alexa runs on the technique of Data science. Moreover, Facebook recognizes your friend when you upload a photo with them, with the help of Data Science

Gaming world:

EA Sports, Sony, Nintendo, are using Data science technology. This enhances your gaming experience. Games are now developed using Machine Learning technique. It can update itself when you move to higher levels.

Online Price Comparison:

Price Runner, Junglee, Shopzilla work on the Data science mechanism. Here, data is fetched from the relevant websites using APIs.

Image & Speech Recognition:

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