QA Training and Software Testing Courses


Quality Assurance, also known as software testing is crucial to save cost, time and efforts. The Quality Assurance or Software Testing courses include an understanding of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software lifecycle. Emphasis is put on finding and reporting bugs. One can opt for both online or in-class quality assurance certification courses. You will learn key testing concepts, such as Regression, Black Box/White Box, and User Acceptance, Alpha, Beta. These are fast-paced courses with hands-on testing, bug reporting, and feedback.

Concepts Covered:

Benefits of QA Training:

Once the Quality Assurance training is done, you will be able to :


Software testers, test engineers, programmers, test leaders and quality specialists should attend this course to scale-up their skills and knowledge in planning, developing, executing and analyzing software tests.


Knowledge of Windows Basic familiarity with the software development process and concepts as well as programming languages will be helpful but not mandatory.

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