Design Phase

Design Phase / Course Development: Role Based Training:

We offer role based training, which is the most effective training strategy to reinforce learning . We offer this unique structured coaching that puts the training in perspective to the job role and what it takes to perform that role. This strategy allows trainees to gain a deeper knowledge of those features and functions through greater concentration on relevant, practical knowledge unlike traditional product-based training offered by most online training institutes which focus on an overall business process, without regard for the individual’s role. This highly efficient role specific training focuses trainees to know how to exactly produce the expected deliverables.

A practical and problem-centered approach based on real examples is used in our training programs. The trainees will be given enough assignments ,case studies during the learning process. These assignments give the trainees an opportunity to stretch past his or her current abilities.

Connect with the class through the conference bridge number provide by us which ensures crystal clear voice reception. Attend from your PC, Mac or any iOS/Android tablet or Smart-phone.

Access to Recorded video sessions:

Review key topics and interactions, reinforce complex concepts, re discover features explored, or catch up on something you may have missed from your class.

Training Philosophy

Placement Process

Certification Process