Training Philosophy

Role-Based Practical Training + Real-time Assignments + Case studies = Assured Job Placements!

We are your Strategic Training Partner!!!

Our motto is to provide you with customized training that fits your needs. We work with you to understand your unique training needs and develop a solution that’s right for you. And that’s just the beginning; we help you in not only selecting a solution but make sure you are reaching and exceeding your career goals.

Role-Based Training

We at Tektaurus Education follow the Role-Based Practical Training methodology, which focuses on effective job placements after training. Our role-based training is the most effective training strategy as the trainee will know exactly how to produce deliverables, use the tools and process with the necessary reporting cycles and requirements. Our Practical and Problem centric training approach based on real examples is a sure shot formula for success and helps trainees to learn only the functionalities and transactions that are required to perform their role without getting overwhelmed and burdened by the theoretical materials.

Customized Training Curriculum

At Tektaurus Education we have built a comprehensive curriculum of thousands of IT and Business Skills courses to create your tailored solution. Our vast curriculum and content creation abilities are the result of our strong partnership and associations with the industry’s leading organizations. As a result, we have the ability to create unique training solutions for your individual career needs. This ability of ours has been greatly recognized and appreciated by the industry experts and organizations.

Hybrid Learning Options

We have a combination of Instructor-led and self-paced virtual learning to cater to the trainee’s differing learning styles, training goals, locations, and budgets. We have a proven record of developing managed training programs for our clients using multiple delivery formats. For most of our certification training courses, we offer online mentoring, providing students extra time for assistance with exam preparation.

Real time Hands-on Experience with Assignments and Case Studies

In our Role based training, We simulate job experiences by offering students hands on labs with assignments and exercise to reinforce learning. Whether by accessing a live, production-quality technical lab or interacting with trainers and job mentors, trainees will participate in a range of exercises that assists course topics and ensure that they develop skills that can be used immediately in their job roles.