My training counselor was very good. She guided me through every step of the process. I was given the flexibility of attending both online and in-class training. Wonderful instructor. He took time to understand each one of us. The materials given to us after each session was on par with the materials that SAP themselves would give you. The Goto meeting lines couldn't be more clear. Any class you missed or didn't understand, you were given the liberty to sit for the next session free of charge. Very understanding staff, could be reached even during weekends and late evening hours.



Good staff. Good training. Good placement options. But you need to put in at least 3 hours a day into working on it. You got to be behind them to get the work done. After all its your career!!!



Being a NON-IT person. BA/QA was a good entrance for me into the IT world. Called Tektaurus with absolutely no intention of perusing anything. But the people who picked up my call convinced me to take just 1 free class, to see how things go on. The trainer was GOOD. The way he explained the concepts made me curious as to what was going to be next. I was instantaneously hooked. He worked with me, understanding my predicament. Help me clear the mock interviews which took me quite a few tries. But none the less I was placed within 5 months from the day of my 1st phone call.



Having already been in the industry for 4 yrs, I wanted to update myself to the latest trends and technology. Tektaurus was able to cater to my specific domain that I was interested. Having been impressed by their dedication to provide students the utmost attention, I switched from my previous consultancy to Tektaurus. Not at all disappointed. One of the good decisions that I made. Student or employee, they treat you with respect and dignity.

Sakthi Priya - Business Analysis and Quality Assurance


Very good training. The instructor was pleasant, made an effort to connect with us. Materials were very detail oriented. After the training was over, I tried to reach out to them for resume help. They did help give me some materials to work with, but they were not enough to help me. I was stuck on the resume building process for 4 months, then I got distracted and hence no placement. But they tried really hard to get in touch with me.



The training seemed good. But for personal reasons, I couldn't complete the training. But I was given access to all the training materials.



The trainer that I had for my duration of the course, was very knowledgeable. He was not one of those people who would prepare slides and read it out. He would use dry erase board to explain the concept, then would show us the slide so that we could correlate both what was said & what was in the slide. Kept the sessions lively by relating to real life examples to help us remember the concepts. Should be lucky to have a Gifted trainer like him.


Being able to attend training without disturbing my work week was a huge plus for me. The duration of the training was very comfortable where in you didn't need to compromise you weekend. Good instructor. Marketing was couldn't be better.


Instructors have very good subject knowledge. The best deal that I personally got out of TEKTAURUS is that once you are an employee of TEKTAURUS, then all training courses offered at the institute is free of charge for you to enhance your knowledge. This works as a gate way for you to enter into different modules and different domains


TEKTAURUS , offers you in-depth training in PMP given by highly experienced trainers along with 100% Placement assistance. Free training* for qualifying candidates. Real life consultants train you in order to give you the best everyday practices. Materials are drafted with the market demand in mind.

Naznin Shikha - QA Training

I enrolled with tektaurus for QA training. very supportive throughout and also who is looking for quality training and placement. The trainer is expert in his field, very knowledgeable. He enjoys teaching and challenging his students. overall I think this course was worth it

Rafique - PMP Training

I am really satisfied with the training given by Tektaurus Education . I joined for PMP .The Training was excellent and they keep you engaged in assignments through out the program and that makes one understand the concepts better and gives you confidence. Had a great support in the finding the job , helped me with resume preparation . mock interview . Recruiter supported a lot in finding the job

Nikky Archita- AWS Training

It was really a wonderful experience to be get trained in Tektaurus Education for AWS . Especially the dedication and teaching level of the instructor was too good. They provide me a great training with IT industry stand, which will surely help in finding a job. Mock interview, Resume preparation for freshers are highly supported in Tektaurus education

Davinder BA Training

I joined Tektaurus education for Business analyst Healthcare Training . Timing was scheduled as per the flexibility and it was very helpful to balance the work and class effectively. Practically experienced the concepts. All the concepts discussed theoretically were also been practically executed to make sure the understanding and questions answered correctly. Thanks to Tektaurus education. They helped me in finding a job.

Sourav SalesForce Training

Took SalesForce Training with Tektaurus Education . The content was very interesting and helpful. The trainer used to share as much as real example with us which was very good for understanding learning experience. The course is perfectly designed to teach someone right from the basics to an advanced level in an incredible way that no other trainer can possibly ever offer. The course content and the projects that have offered are world class and I have wonderful customer experience. Support after the training is excellent which help you preparing for your certifications.

Ashima Gupta - SAP HANA

Had a great experience learning SAP HANA course in tektaurus Education . Instructor was very professional and able to relate to the students extremely well. Classes were scheduled and coordinated properly . Each and every session was really practical and knowledgeable . The instructor has been brilliant and the material is spot on. They supported me with my resume , helped me in finding a job

Urvi Shah - QA(Selenium) Training

I have attended Selenium training. The faculty was very good and he explained all the concepts of Selenium with real time scenario. I also got support in developing my own Project. Overall experience in Tektaurus Education was very good

Shruthi Desai Tableau Training

I joined for Tableau training in tektaurus Education. Best platform to learn to start up a training and find a job in the market . Course curriculum is designed by keeping the industry requirement in mind. The best part is live instruction and the technical support you get after classes. The instructor had done a great job to explain each and every feature with a real life example and provided hands on live examples during the sessions.

Fathima - JAVA Training

Enrolled myself for JAVA training . They delivered what they promised. The course content is detailed, easy and learning interface is too good. Instructors were very friendly, they were also replying to all doubts and they were providing us practical scenarios about the course. Overall experience was more than satisfying.

Vidya Badhiri Workday HCM

I completed Workday hcm training course in Tektaurus Education , the class was really good . Trainer made sure we understood the topic of discussion before moving on to the next. practical sessions gave us a better understanding to the subject. At the end of the course was having a confidence to face the interview without any fear.

Abdul Smad MS SQL Training

I definitely recommend Tektaurus education as a learning platform to further your professional development. I took the MS Sql self paced videos . Their self-paced options are so easy to fit learning into your own schedule and their platform is super easy to navigate. You can set your own focus courses, plan a finish date, or plan a specific number of hours to dedicate each week and it will map out your learning tasks.