Elevate Your Skills with TekTaurus-Dive into Dynamic Courses!

Elevate Your Skills with TekTaurus-Dive into Dynamic Courses!

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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our exceptional courses.

Why TekTaurus Education?

We are your Strategic Training Partner!!!

  • Our motto is to provide you with customized training that fits your need. Firstly, We work with you to understand your unique training needs and develop a program that’s suitable for you. And Importantly, we help you in not only selecting a solution but make sure you are reaching and exceeding your career goals.

Role Based Training

In general, We at Tektaurus Education follow the Role-Based Practical Training methodology, which focuses on effective job placements after training.

Skill Evaluation and Training Selection Phase:

We carefully evaluate each trainee to assist them with selecting a training course to help them get quick placements by our Training Architects and Curriculum planners

Case Studies and Real-time Training Methodology

Our instructors use Role Based Training methodology to provide training. All Live and Virtual training sessions are followed by Real-time project based Assignments to help in placements. This gives the participants an understanding of how to work in real projects and job roles.

Certification help :

Tektaurus Education is established to meet the growing demand of IT professionals looking for best IT training and certification in leading-edge technology programs. High Pay, Personal pride, Career growth are some of the prominent reasons why IT professionals seek certification At Tektaurus Education,

We help you to achieve your certification goals by offering our valuable resources and support. Our unique blend of certification materials, delivery formats and Subject Matter Expert trainers make it easier for you to achieve the IT certifications of your dream.

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What Students Say

Chetankumar Patel Data Scientist

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! I would strongly advise Tektaurus Education for data technological know-how Training. Firstly, My professor protected all the subjects and became very clear and informative. Moreover, She spent a lot of time explaining each topic uniquely, helped me in the capstone challenge, and above all, she turned into very good at teaching greater effectively. Thanks to TekTaurus and the professor.

Yasir Malik Business Analyst

Fantastic! Great instructor! I have taken Business analyst course from tektaurus education . Trainer explained the principles in very detail in and gave a sensible exposure . Tektaurus gave us a exceptional aid in placement . Great assist in resume perpartion and ridicule interview

Lili Taleb AWS Cloud Administrator

I have virtually no words. The aid is manner above others, i don't think you may ever discover such classes anywhere else. I am simply glad with education sessions..Thanks to Tektaurus Education.

Harpal singh Salesforce Developer

Took sales force education from tektaurus education. Instructor did an terrific task in covering all the topics . He furnished valuable insight. After clearing all the milestones for the duration of the schooling I were given an opportunity to work

Winnie Oyulu App Developer

Training provide through tektaurus training changed into superb and hold you engaged inside the assignments via out the programs. Video recordings always helped to refer back the course topics . Their method turned into very transparent

Lalita Agarwal Junior Business Analyst

This extensive BA path gave me a comprehensive view of IT governance for organisations and how IT must align to create values. I could apprehend the key principles and takeaways so effortlessly as it furnished practical actual enterprise scenarios, case studies, and exercises. I am now enforcing what I learnt which was a completely unique approach that ensured sustainable change in me

Victoria Oleynik Project Coordinator

I just completed the BA schooling conducted by Tektaurus . The great part of his training was his persistence and constant attempt to make certain that each one the participants had been capable to understand every subject matter he covered. I am very much inspired with how he truly explained the concept. They supported with the resume education and Mock Interview.

Sapna Bhatia CRM Consultant

I am genuinely satisfied with the schooling given by TekTaurus. The schooling was super and they keep you engaged in assignments all through this system and that makes one recognize the concepts better and offers you confidence.

deenasanjeevi QA Developer

My experience with Tektaurus Education is Convenience and flexibility. instructions with Tektaurus Education gave me the opportunity to plan my observe time round the rest of the day. Course fabric is usually on hand and properly designed as per industry standard . The classes are thoroughly based and path material is quite self-explanatory. Content of the course are certainly suitable and it is amazing price for the money.

Tejashwini Maisuria Java Developer

They provide notable education service . Money is worth to be paid. Very useful and loads of sources and also wonderful rationalization to assist us to understand better

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