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Tableau Training and Certification

Tableau is a data analysis tool that is extremely versatile and fast. It is one of the most secure, powerful, and flexible end-to-end analytics platforms for enterprises and their data management. Tableau offers high worth within the current emerging software for business intelligence and has tremendous quality around the globe.

Tableau connects easily to nearly any data source, be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel, or web-based data. Tableau allows for an instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations called dashboards. This process takes solely seconds or minutes instead of months or years and is achieved through the use of an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.


About Tableau Training


  • Tableau course is easy to learn, easy to use, and 10 to 100x faster than the existing solutions in the market. Tableau is a preferred platform for firms that need to contour massive data issues.
  • A stimulating truth concerning the tableau is that it’s designed on breakthrough technology that interprets footage of information into optimized info queries.
  • Due to all these features, you can use your natural ability to see patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights in seconds.
  • You do not require any wizards or scripts. You simply have to connect to your data and perform queries.
  • It can be done without writing one line of code. Follow your mind as you shift between views with drag-and-drop technology.


Tableau Certification


  • Qualified Tableau Certification Exam has a Time limit of Two hours and consists of 36 questions in various formats such as Multiple choice, multiple responses, true/false, hands-on.
  • It requires a passing score of 75% to accomplish the certification. And it’s smarter to see your status by endeavouring our free test for every test section or taking the full tableau Certification practice test has created.
  • These Tableau training courses and certification exams give an opportunity to learn Tableau and enhance your technical skills.
  • Learning the best practices about tableau helps you to built confidence and increase functional knowledge about the software functionality in both Tableau Desktop and Servers.
  • Our Tableau Certification training covers various modules such as Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online.


Tableau desktop


  • Tableau Desktop offers four different levels of certifications
    • Tableau Desktop Specialist
    • Tableau Certified Associate
    • Tableau Certified Professional
    • Tableau Desktop Delta
  • Tableau Desktop provides unlimited data exploration through an associate degree intuitive interface, creativity, encouraging curiosity, and data-driven decision-making.
  • Tableau desktop could be a massive software that converts your raw data into lovely visualization and maps to induce a plan and insights out of your data, and using this software requires some skills to own.
  • Learning data analyst and data visualization may be a tough bit however you’ll be able to learn both of them by taking this course which will teach you the fundamentals of tableau and prepare you for the desktop certification programs.


Tableau Server


  • Tableau Server can be used to extend the value of your data across your entire organization on-premise or in a very public cloud.
  • The software system is specifically accustomed to sharing the workbooks that are created within the Tableau Desktop application across the organization.
  • The security is high in the Tableau server, and it’s a lot suited for fast and effective sharing of data in an organization.
  • If you share dashboards in the Tableau Server, you need to upload your work to the Tableau Desktop. After uploading the work to the server, then it will be accessible only to licensed users with login credentials with which they can check reports via a web browser.
  • Tableau Server offers three different levels of certifications
    • Qualified Associate
    • Certified Professional
    • Tableau Server Delta
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