Corporate Training

Your Training Partner for Success

TekTaurus Education has been serving the New Jersey community since 2008. Over the years we have trained countless professionals and have launched thousands of careers. Whether the economy is booming or slogging through a recession, our career training sets you up for real, in-demand careers in fields that are growing and advancing faster than other jobs.

We are recognized as NJ’s top training schools that not only impart quality training but aids candidates to get a successful career. Our students leave TekTaurus Center as well-prepared, qualified job candidates

—we make sure of it


Our Training Solutions

We create solutions that fit your individual / Business needs:


Individual Trainee Solutions: Map our training programs to enhance your IT skills for better salary and job performance.


Business needs Solutions: Solutions to enhance the skills of your employees by offering customized training.


Organizational Solutions: We assess your organization’s training needs and offer solutions to meet them.

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