K-12 Tutoring

TTE S.T.E.M Academy Overview:

At Tektaurus Education, we offer comprehensive in-class tutoring services for Math, Language, Arts & Science at all levels, from kindergarten through high school. Our teaching methodology facilitates to build a strong foundation of fundamental concepts rather than just aiding for home-work completion.

We train your child to excel, explore and to have fun while learning Classes. We ensure that your child will shine with their BETTER grades in their upcoming academics. It is a specialized program providing challenge-based, hands-on, and practical education to the students taught by New Jersey Certified staffs.

Private Tutoring classes (1:1 individual attention)
  1. Maths
  2. Language Arts
  3. Science
Perks of learning classes in TTE S.T.E.M Academy:
  1. Small batches – 1:1 individual attention
  2. Classes offered in flexible times for your convenience(Weekend/Weekdays)
  3. Classes personalized to meet each students academic needs
  4. Our teachers are highly qualified graduates with mastery of a variety of school subjects
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